Review of Dirk Hamilton’s Apocalyptic Love Songs

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April 14, 2024 Review of Apocalyptic Love Songs, Dirk Hamilton Jerry McNeish Critic at Large Dirk Hamilton’s newest CD, Apocalyptic Love Songs, is a creative tour de force that speaks to our times. From the hopeful cover art of his pup, to the poetic lyrics, to the strong guitar riffs on his Gibson J45, Hamilton […]

Dirk Hamilton releases Apocalyptic Love Songs

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Apocalyptic Love Songs is the exciting new album form Dirk Hamilton, featuring nine spectacular new songs, intimately recorded at the Kitchen Sink in Santa Fe, New Mexico by Jono Manson.  This is stripped down Dirk, solo mono, the man, and his guitar.  For many of you who have been fortunate enough to catch him live in concert, […]

Gary Young of Pavement and Hospital Passes August 17, 2023

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From the Pavement Facebook page  

NEW RELEASE!! JoDavi’s Zion EP on Vinyl

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JoDavi’s Zion is now out on vinyl! Highlights from the album are now available on a12″ EP. Go to to order.

For Immediate release: JoDavi’s – Zion

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JoDavi’s much-anticipated debut album Zion is out today worldwide exclusively on IAC Records. Click to buy Zion was mostly recorded within the month of December 2021 and was brilliantly written & conceived by JoDavi. Although the record was recorded at five different recording studios from Lodi California to Charlotte North Carolina during that triumphant […]

New Review of Eric Westphal’s “Kobold Moon”

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Twenty years after the original release of Alice Street Sessions, Eric Westphal returns with his spectacular new album, Kobold Moon which was released November 1, 2021, on the IAC Records label.  This twelve-song album showcases his still brilliant voice, amazing musicianship, and more with such tracks as Indians, Vanity Gone, Dollar Moves. Days Long Gone (I Like Your Sweater), […]

New review of John Nymann’s “Made In America”

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I have been a big fan of the legendary band Y&T, especially my friend Guitarist & longtime member John Nymann for a long time, so I am proud and honored to announce the birth of his first solo album called Made In America released November 5, 2021, on the IAC Records label.  This ten-track album showcases his amazing vocals […]

JoDavi’s Single “Sweet Vindication” Is Out Now!

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 The much-anticipated first single from his forthcoming album, Zion is out today worldwide, exclusively on IAC Records. Produced by Jodavi & Don Setaro, Jodavi’s first single, Sweet Vindication is now available as a digital download exclusively from IAC Records.  Jodavi is a brilliant composer, arranger, and music director, his most recent project includes arranging […]

Eric Westphal’s 2nd Solo Album Kobold Moon Is Out Now

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Eric Westphal’s much-anticipated 2nd solo album, Kobold Moon is out today worldwide, exclusively on IAC Records. click here to download / buy now.   Produced by Westphal & Don Setaro, twenty years after the release of Alice Street Sessions, Eric returns with his spectacular new album, Kobold Moon.  Loaded with imagery and theme, sometimes photographic, […]

John Nymann’s 1st album, Made In America is out now!

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John Nymann’s much-anticipated 1st album, Made In America is out today worldwide, exclusively on IAC Records. Today we are proud to announce and celebrate John’s esteemed and extraordinary career with the release of his 1st solo record Made in America. This is an album loaded with old school yet unadulterated current Pop-Rock and Roll, […]