JoDavi’s much-anticipated debut album Zion is out today worldwide exclusively on IAC Records.

Zion was mostly recorded within the month of December 2021 and was brilliantly written & conceived by JoDavi.  Although the record was recorded at five different recording studios from Oakland California to Charlotte North Carolina during that triumphant month, there is a distinct thread that runs through the record as if it were one single performance, recorded all at the same place and time.  This captivating eleven song collection takes you on a glorious journey with a synchronicity the likes we only hear from a new artist maybe just a couple of times a decade if we are lucky.

The striking musical contributions on Zion by Current Personae & guests are fluid and flat out prodigious.  The record was precisely mixed by Don Setaro of IAC Records, superbly mastered by Piper Payne at Infrasonic in Nashville, and meticulously sequenced by JoDavi himself.  Every song a melodic masterpiece, old school yet 2022 current, insightful intelligent lyrics, a landmark debut to be sure.

IAC Records is proud to present to you JoDavi’s Zion.  This wonderful album will fit nicely into your record collection within compeer reach of the best of Stevie Wonder’s 70’s output, and Aretha Franklin’s Live at the Fillmore West.

Please join JoDavi on his incredible journey and the faithful glory of Zion.