A Soft Message To You is the debut album of The Napa Valley Duo, a cello/piano duo that resides and performs throughout the famous Napa Valley wine growing region in the state of California of the United States of America. This duo has met and practiced for three years before recording this album. On the day of the recording session, January 18th, 2016, The Napa Valley Duo laid tracks to forty-three pieces in nine hours time, recording double takes of each title. This album contains twenty tracks gleaned from that memorable day; spliced, edited, mastered, and brought to your ears and soul in the most refined way possible.

The premise of A Soft Message To You is to present to you, the listener, twenty variations of “soft messages” from numerous composers, time periods, and scenarios, that delivers to your muse the healing power of music in motion. For, music is the conduit of the spirit, a discipline that was first taught as one of the seven primary subjects in the early medieval university, known as the trivium and quadrivium. This album contains pieces which reflect soulful passages by Debussy, Gershwin, Rachmaninoff, Messiaen, Denny Zeitlin (Bill Evans), Puccini, Chopin, Gershwin, Paradis, Gliere, Leoncavallo, Jeff Wood, and two compositions from the cellist, Jeffrey McFarland-Johnson, in conveying the essence of a soft message to the soul. Your soul.

These variations are perfectly programmed and sequenced in order to reflect a homogenous sequence of enlightenment for private and/or public use. With todays world changing in so many violently ways, it is essential to present to you a fresh album which contains an element of healing and adds grace to your life. A Soft Message To You.